This is the best option for tourists with limited time. In 2 hours we will show you the touristic heart of the city: The Old Market Square with the gem of Gothic – the  town hall, the pillory, the old shambles, and more. Optional dessert in Piwnica Świdnicka – the oldest restaurant in Wrocław will make a great ending of the tour.

2h Walking Tour – Old Town

Guided walking tour

Place : Market Square and surroundings

Duration : 2 hours

Available languages ::    

Price: 500 PLN 

Optional dessert + drink in Piwnica Świdnicka:
34 PLN/person 

Advance notice : min. 2 days

Old Market Square and surroundings (without entrances) 

This is the best option for tourists with limited time. Quick tour of Wrocław is a two-hour guided tour during which we will show you the tourist heart of the city, i.e. the Old Market Square and its nooks and crannies . It is in the market square that the heritage of various nations that have lived in Wrocław for 1,000 years converges. In the surrounding areas you will see wonderful sights dating back even to medieval times, giving you splendid scenery for unique photos.

Of course, we encourage longer trips, but after your first “date” with Wrocław, you will get to know its general character.
What will you see and discover on this tour?
  • Gothic town hall – why is it so special?
  • The pillory – why was the executioner such a hated person?
  • Hansel and Gretel – the most famous tenement houses in Wrocław
  • Church of St. Elizabeth – where did 40 meters of the church tower disappear?
  • The old shambles – what did the inhabitants of Wrocław eat?
  • Former city prison – what exactly could you end up in here for?
  • University – Leopoldina, the cradle of higher education in Wrocław
  • Ossolineum – who were the crusaders with the red star?

Why not end the tour with a dessert?

Enjoy dessert with a drink in Piwnica Świdnicka - the oldest restaurant in Wrocław

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