Wrocław QR Code city game

What is it about?

Imagine that the manuscript of Pan Tadeusz – one of the most valuable national treasures in Wrocław – has gone missing. Only you can find the thief and your reliable smartphone will help you. Together with your team, you will visit about 10 places where the thief was seen and solve further puzzles. In some places you will have to take photos, in others you will have to decipher inscriptions on buildings, and even dress up – virtually, of course. But you won’t be the only one looking for the manuscript – the other teams will be doing exactly the same, hot on your heels, or, who knows, far ahead of you. But that’s not all – read on 


Multimedia game

The city game uses a map with QR codes that open the content of individual tasks. Therefore, all you need to play is your own smartphone with Internet. We will use all kinds of media: photos, making memes, music and videos. This form of gameplay is similar to using social media combined with sightseeing.



Integration and sightseeing for companies

The Wrocław QR Code city game works not only as an alternative form of sightseeing, but also as corporate team-building, even for native Wroclavians . The gameplay requires a lot of cooperation within the team and slight competition between teams. There will also be plenty of opportunities to have fun together, immortalized in films and photos.


Exploring the city differently for schools

In addition to entertainment, the Wrocław QR Code game serves as a sightseeing tour of Wrocław . The places visited during the game are the most frequently visited tourist attractions in Wrocław. Information about a given place is woven into the content of the tasks, which makes the game a perfect  alternative to a traditional sightseeing tour.

Place: Old Town and surroundings

Duration: 2hrs


Advance booking: 3 days


  • Including 23% VAT: 2448 pln + 31 PLN for each team (preferably 5 people per team). 
  • Net prices for companies: 1990 pln + 25 pln for each team + 23% VAT
What’s included in the Wrocław QR Code game?
  • A human game master who will lead the game
  • Maps for each team
  • A sweet prize for all members of the winning team 
  • Unforgettable memories and photos from the game

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