3h Walking Tour – Old Town and Cathedral Island

Guided walking tour – sightseeing in Wrocław in 3 hours

Place : Ostrów Tumski and the Old Market Square

Duration : 3 hours

Available languages :     

Price: 570 PLN 

Optional dessert + drink in Piwnica Świdnicka:
34 PLN/person 

Advance notice : min. 2 days

On this 3-hour walking tour we will reach the very beginnings of Wrocław in the oldest part of the city – the Cathedral Island called Ostrów Tumski. This is where the Wrocław Cathedral stands, built around the year 1000 during the reign of Boleslaw Chrobry, the first king of Poland. Although today’s cathedral is a post-war reconstruction, it still contains a lot of memorabilia from the past.  Then we will go to the Old Market Square and visit the most important nearby attractions from the outside. We recommend this route if you want to see several areas of the city in a relatively short time.


What will you learn and discover on this tour?
  • Wrocław Cathedral – the first Gothic temple in Poland (without interior)
  • Church of St. Idzi – the oldest building in Ostrów Tumski
  • Dumpling Gate – where did the dumpling on the gate come from?
  • Archbishop’s Palace – an extraordinary residence of the bishops of Wrocław
  • Tumski Bridge – why did secular power end here?
  • Ossolineum – who was the Silesian Angel?
  • University – Leopoldina, the cradle of higher education in Wrocław
  • Former city prison – what exactly could you end up in here for?
  • Stare Jatki – what did the inhabitants of Wrocław eat?
  • Hansel and Gretel – the most famous tenement houses in Wrocław
  • Gothic town hall – why is it so special?

Why not end the tour with a dessert?

Enjoy dessert with a drink in Piwnica Świdnicka - the oldest restaurant in Wrocław

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