Wrocławska wycieczka w czasie

Wrocław Time Travel Tour

The most humorous guided tour in Wrocław 🙂

Place: Old Town and Cathedral Island (3h)

Duration: 2h and 3h


Advance notice: min. 5 days

Prices incl VAT:  

760 PLN – 2h (Old Town) 
870 PLN – 3h (Old Town + Cathedral Island)

We issue VAT marża invoice

Exploring Wrocław with a lot of laughter

An extraordinary tour of the most important monuments of the Old Town and Ostrów Tumski in a much more humorous version. We will dress up in historical costumes and take on the role of a witch or the town’s hangman – a truly handsome couple. Hearing their entertaining narrative of what life in the old city was like will hopefully make you laugh your socks off.  They will tell you about the history of the city, and we will colour the story with interesting facts about its more mysterious aspects, long-forgotten customs and traditions. But that’s not all – read on!

Spectacle like experience

Apart from colourful stories, nothing stimulates the imagination of tourists as much as their active participation. We have our own ways to do it: Wrocław’s scents enclosed in alchemical potions, mini performances as well as a close encounter with the torture tools of the town’s executioner. We promise that we will give you plenty of opportunities to have lots of fun and take many unique, theatre-like photos.


Same places, totally different experience

The Wrocław Time Travel Tour is a guided tour, but much more relaxed and with a lot humour. It will be a perfect evening out for a corporate meeting, a birthday party for guests from other cities or simply an alternative form of sightseeing. On this route you will see the usual flagship tourist spots in Wrocław including:

  • The market square with the Town Hall and the pillory
  • Jaś and Małgosia tenement houses and the Church of St. Elizabeth
  • Old Shambles
  • Former city prison
  • University
  • Ossolineum
  • Cathedral Island (3-hour version without entering the Cathedral)
What’s included  the Wrocław Time Travel Tour?
  • A guide in a historical costume from out of this era
  • A lot of entertainment and laughter
  • Unique photos from the trip
  • 2- or 3-hour sightseeing tour of Wrocław

Why not end the tour with a dessert?

Enjoy dessert with a drink in Piwnica Świdnicka - the oldest restaurant in Wrocław

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