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Wrocław Bike Tour

Guided bike tour around Wrocław

Places: Old Town, Cathedral Island, Centennial Hall

Start:  from the Old Town

Duration: 2 or 3 hours


Price for 2h: 550 pln / group 
+ bike rental fee

Price for 3h: 620 pln / group 
+ bike rental fee

Advance notice: min. 2 dni

Wrocław in a nutshell

The well-known tour on bike mode is a great option for people who like to explore many places in relatively short time. We will complete the route in 2 or 3 hours, which takes 5-6 hours by bus and 2 days on foot. Instead of comments in several places, we will make much shorter stops, where we will present the characteristics of given places. 
What’s on the route?
  • Ostrów Tumski – the Cathedral Island being the oldest place in Wrocław
  • Old Market Square – the heart of the medieval city
  • University – the baroque pearl of the city with 1,000 sculptures
  • Centennial Hall and Exhibition Grounds – a symbol of Wrocław and our company 🙂
  • The former water tower on Grobla – the kingdom of Wrocław water
  • Church of St. Maurycy – walls hiding unusual artifacts
  • Panorama Racławicka (from the outside) – well, simply a must-see
  • Market Hall – a city market with over almost 120 years of history

We use city bikes

We use the Nextbike city bikes – cheap, sturdy and easily available. Our guide will rent the necessary number of bicycles for you, which can be left almost anywhere. Thanks to this, we have great flexibility in sightseeing and low rental costs.

Why not end the tour with a dessert?

Enjoy dessert with a drink in Piwnica Świdnicka - the oldest restaurant in Wrocław

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